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Event planning

As a company that organizes unique events, we know that, in the hectic day-to-day life, it is difficult to realize that “Life is made of little things, small details that make a difference and that are capable of turning special moments into unforgettable memories”...

…at 7Q´s Events we will help you get yours.

2#Birthday Happy

Are you going to celebrate a birthday party and you don't even know where to start?

Leave the organization of the special birthday party to 7Q's Events and you just relax and enjoy it.


3#Communions &· baptisms

Nothing is too much for your little one and you want this to be a day that you will always look forward to.

Leave the organization in our hands and enjoy the celebration together with your loved ones.


4#Parties theme·&·more

Do you want to organize a theme party and you do not have original ideas?
Do you have an idea but don't know how to start?

We give you a hand to surprise all your guests.


5#Company events

In a company, day-to-day work is just as important as intrapersonal relationships between colleagues or with customers and suppliers.
The best way to achieve a climate of complicity that involves all members of the company, are the events.
No matter the type of event, it will for sure create deep and lasting bonds among everybody.

7Q's Eventos is a company that organizes company events in Alicante, Benidorm, Elche, Altea and the rest of the province of Alicante or wherever you want.
We offer a comprehensive service for all types of corporate events.
Trust us for the integral production of your event. We count with the following services:
   – Personal services
   - Logistics
   – Audiovisual and communication

You can also hire celebrities with us to attend your event so you can give it more notoriety and glamour.


Unique Weddings

The wedding is one of the great events of your life, but organizing a wedding can be an inexhaustible source of stress that will turn your dream into a nightmare. This is what makes the work of a "Wedding planner" essential for you.

Nowadays, couples have jobs and obligations that consume their energies, and the last thing you want to do, when you get home, is start negotiating with suppliers or look for trends on the Internet.

You deserve to enjoy the road and, at the end of the day, sit down to dinner and enjoy each other without worries, trust 7Q's we will do it all for you.

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We do it all for you

The team of professionals at 7Q's Events will do everything for you. We will take care of organizing your wedding from the very beginning.

From the selection of the details for the guests, your dream villa or restaurant, catering, photographer, video, makeup and hairdressing, flowers, general wedding stationery (invitations, cards, menus, menu minutes...), church ornamentation and ceremony, furniture, linens and tableware, the setting, your transfer car, buses for the guests, civil ceremony and officiant...

We have everything planned. Don´t worry about anything. Just enjoy your day.

What steps must be followed to organize a wedding?

The first steps to organize a wedding are the following:

   - To ensure that everything goes perfectly, hire a wedding planner - has 7Q's Events, we will accompany you throughout the process.
   - Choose a date.
   - Define a budget.
   - Choose the place for the celebration and the ceremony.
   - Prepare documentation for wedding procedures.
   - Choosing the main suppliers: caterer, photographer, videographer.
   - Prepare a guest list
   - Define the color palette and decoration for the wedding. At 7Q's Events we have a lot of ideas.
   - Find the wedding dress.
   - Search and capture of all suppliers.

How to “organize” to organize your wedding?
The Timeline.

Ideally, you should have a Wedding-Planner like 7Q's Events. Let's start with the preparations 12 months before the wedding.
Now you can relax and leave it in our hands.


- Choose the date you want to get married.
- Calculate number of guests and approximate budget for the wedding.
– Choose and reserve the place of the Banquet. We have the best options. For all tastes and styles.
- Search and book Church, court or town hall.


- Prepare a preliminary guest list. Decide the bridesmaids, pages and ladies.
- Find suppliers: photographer, videographer, catering, decide on the type of decoration, etc.
- Hire a wedding officiant for civil weddings.
- Start looking for the wedding dress.
- Think of possible destinations for the honeymoon and request budgets. Some image


– If you have chosen a religious wedding, in the parish of the link they will indicate the dates of premarital courses.
- We will find and hire the music for the wedding.
- Choose and buy wedding bands.
- Book the honeymoon trip at the travel agency.
– We will design and order the Wedding Invitation. Our graphic design division will propose the best options.


– Request and prepare the documentation for the religious or civil wedding.
– Reserve hotel rooms for guests residing abroad.
– Buy the groom's suit.
– Select the hairdresser and makeup artist for the bride.
– Buy bridal accessories: shoes, headdress/veil, earrings etc.
– Book the suppliers that we have not contracted yet.


– Send the invitations so that family and friends can organize themselves and nobody is missing!
– Prepare the ceremony, protocol, readings and the music. Our "master of ceremonies" will give you a hand so that everything goes perfectly.
– Order the details for the guests.
– Reserve the flowers for the wedding. They can be fresh or preserved flowers. You can keep the preserved flowers or give them to your guests. At 7Q's we have original ideas that you will love.
– Book transportation for the guests.
– Prepare the bride and groom dance. At this point you can let your imagination fly. Some image


– Hair and make-up trial.
– We will select with you the music for the ceremony, reception and banquet.
– Taste and choose the menu. It can be catering if you have chosen a space where they do not offer a restaurant service or, offered by the restaurant of your choice.
– Skin treatment for the bride and groom.


– We will call and reconfirm all contracted providers and suppliers.
– Confirm the attendance of all your guests.
– Make sure that all the booking of the “Honeymoon” is confirmed.

As you can see, there are many details to take into account when organizing a wedding. At 7Q's Events we will do everything for you. We will accompany you from the beginning to the end, designing and organizing your wedding so that it is unique without you having to worry about anything.

Leave it all in our hands

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We are your master of ceremonies

If you already have everything organized for your wedding day, but you want to enjoy this day to the fullest and not worry about anything, we will take care of coordinating everything and making sure that everything turns out according to what you have dreamed of down to the last detail.

What does a master of ceremonies do?

The master of ceremonies is the one who conducts the ceremony following a previously established script.

After meeting with the bride and groom and having listened to his preferences and tastes for organizing their wedding, he tailors the perfect wedding for the bride and groom.

Thus, the final result will be a unique wedding with the personal touch of the couple. The master of ceremonies will avoid surprises during the ceremony.

A master of ceremonies will define the entire ceremony with you and personalize it to your taste. Although the organization of your wedding is perfect, there is always the possibility of unforeseen situations that will test the professionalism of your master of ceremonies.

Why is a master of ceremonies important?

– It is the person to whom you will tell all your stories in confidence and he will make the ceremony a reflection of you.

– He/She is a communication professional, with people skills, with experience in public events, and in making everyone have a pleasant, close and enjoyable time.

– He/She will design the script of the ceremony together with you: he will guide you, help you select the readings, images or unique "speeches" that are personalized, all based on your story.

– He/She will explain the different types of ceremony that you can perform:

  · A traditional civil ceremony in which articles 66, 67 and 68 will be read.
  · A religious ceremony.
  · Or any other type of special civil ceremony with the connotations that you fancy.
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If you need fresh and unique ideas to decorate that special place you have chosen to celebrate your wedding and nothing convinces you, don't worry, at 7Q's Events we will create a personal and unique atmosphere that will tell your story.
We will take care of every little detail so that you only have to enjoy the result.



In order to give a new life to decorative elements or old furniture, can create a very special magic and a unique atmosphere to the wedding. The mixture of rural elements with interior furniture makes a vintage wedding a success.


As decorative elements, cages can be used, which are perfect as centerpieces, to hang on the wall and even to decorate any occasional corner. The most advisable thing is to focus on wooden furniture and combine these with metal, flowers and candles.

Choosing antique-looking furniture and taking care of colors is an essential element when defining a style. In the case of organizing a vintage wedding, it is better to choose pastel colors. Yellows, brown tones, dusty pinks, whites, beiges… These colors help to intensify the romantic and vintage tone of the wedding.


The whole celebration must have a harmony and, if you have chosen a vintage decoration for your wedding, what better than to capture this style also in the wedding stationery.
Invitations play a fundamental role. They will be in charge of giving the first notice to the guests that the wedding they are going to attend will be a very personal celebration and, above all, different. With a vintage wedding invitation, expectations about the wedding will increase and everyone will be intrigued about what the celebration will be like.
The vintage invitations from our graphic design division can create great excitement on the most important day of your life. We will take care of making beautiful invitations, full of creativity and imagination. We will work in order to make a personalized and exclusive design, because no two invitations are the same. They must be unique, like the couple.

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Rustic is also vintage

It is quite common to see how many couples choose a rustic theme for the decoration of their wedding, but more and more are mixing vintage elements with natural or country trends.
Ornate decoration is no longer in fashion nowadays, and gives way to simpler celebrations but at the same time sophisticated and unforgettable. We can even appreciate this change in the food, where there is an increasing commitment to natural ingredients, to the point of emerging a great vegan current, where the food, far from looking manufactured, denotes a more homemade preparation.

Menu for a vintage wedding

The basic and fundamental thing is to go for traditional food, avoiding innovative or fusion food, since this has nothing to do with the vintage style. In addition, the menu of a vintage wedding must follow the same direction as the decoration, the chosen place, even the bridal looks. Everything must follow the same style.


Decorate your wedding ceremony with wild flowers

Combine your bridal bouquet with a floral decoration that stands out from the greenery and intensity of the trees and plants in the gardens. In order to do this, nothing better than using wild flowers such as daisies or lavender, which will bring elegance and color to your wedding ceremony.

Illuminate the gardens with light bulbs and candles

In the garden you can say “yes, I do” and give the warmth and beauty that such an event deserves with special lighting, such as rows of light bulbs or candles making a path from the altar to the place where the cocktail celebration is held. The lighting will give the celebration a very romantic touch.

Colorful wedding invitations

If you are going to celebrate your wedding in a garden, the most appropriate thing is that your invitations are in tune with the type of celebration that you are going to carry out. Choose very colorful invitations, so your guests will know that your wedding will be very special. Our graphic design division will design beautiful invitations for you.

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Decorate your wedding with original garlands

If the gardens are very large, an idea to make the place where family and friends gather more welcoming can be the placement of beautiful and decorative garlands that make the roof effect and give an elegant touch to the celebration.

Create a lounge area for the wedding

Piensa en tus invitados y prepara una zona agradable con una decoración apropiada doThink about your guests and prepare a pleasant area with an appropriate decoration where they can rest and chat between the different moments of your wedding celebration. We will decorate the spaces in a pleasant and cozy way!

Details for the guests

If your wedding is going to be held in a garden, it is necessary to think about the comfort of those attending the wedding, and a good idea is to give the guests comfortable and personalized shoes so that they can continue enjoying the charm of the natural environment of your wedding or details such as heel-covers. If the wedding is celebrated during the day, keep in mind that they may need paipais or umbrellas.


Impressive place for the celebration of the wedding.

The place where you celebrate your wedding will be the framework that will frame the entire event. Therefore, if you have opted for a "luxury" celebration, we will have to choose a place for the celebration that fits this description.
We will help you find the ideal place for you.


The invitations of a luxury wedding are as important as the place or the decoration. That is why they have to be included in the check list and must be chosen very carefully to reflect the style of the bride and groom and the theme of the celebration. In the graphic design division of 7Q's Events we will design your dream invitation to all "luxury".
Keep in mind that wedding invitations should be sent out at least two to three months in advance to ensure guests can be present, especially if they live far away.


We have all dreamed, at some point, of a fairy tale wedding. If in the end you have decided on this style to organize your wedding, do not hesitate to hire a wedding-planner like 7Q's to take care of everything.
Luxury weddings are not for all budgets, so it is very important not to leave anything to chance or fate. Every detail is important to convey the luxurious atmosphere that we want for the wedding.
The decoration of the spaces and taking care of the smallest details is what will make the difference and fill your wedding with glamour. Flower arrangements combined with bright elements, lavishly decorated ceilings, tables with high-quality crockery, cutlery and glassware must always be part of a luxury wedding. Some image

You can not forget the pre and post wedding. If guests are coming from other parts of the country, or simply want to extend the party a little longer, you will have to think about where they are going to stay.

Let yourself be inspired by the most glamorous weddings, tell us your idea and at 7Q's we will make it a reality.

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Are you going to celebrate a birthday party and you don't even know where to start?.
Leave the organization to us and you just enjoy.

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֍Does your little one like pirates, dinosaurs, princes and princesses, or space?
Is his birthday coming up and you want to give him a big surprise?
Count on us, we make it easy.

Our goal is that you do not have to worry about anything. Our team takes care of everything, the decoration of the venue, the games for the party, the costumes, the animations...

And if you need it, we have a catering specialized in children's parties, with which we offer you snacks and appetizers that your guests and little guests will love.

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Do you want to surprise that special person for her/his birthday? Do you want to share your wedding anniversary with friends? Or are you just going to make a party for yourself...

...7Q´s is what you are looking for.

We organize the birthday or anniversary party you deserve. You only worry about what you will wear and enjoy.

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The spoiled of the house will also have his birthday party

If you have a "dog or a cat" and you want to organize a party for him, we offer you a lot of ideas so that he can have a great time with his friends-and you with yours-.

♥They deserve it all♥

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COMMUNIONS &·baptisms


We organize the communion of your little one from the beginning. We take care of everything until the end.

On this special day for your child, nothing can go wrong. The most important thing is to make the day of the communion one of the most fun and unforgettable days of his/her life.
We will create the space of his/her dreams setting the celebration with the details that you like the most.
We have everything planned so that you don't have to worry about anything so you can enjoy this day with your little one.

What we offer you:
֍ Design of invitations
֍ Search for location
֍ Decoration
֍ Gifts for guests
֍ Catering and sweet tables
֍ Thematic corners
֍ Animation
֍ Lighting and DJ
֍ If you have a special idea, we make it come true for you.

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Your baby is here and you want to organize the first important celebration of his/her life but you get lost in the process.

Stop worrying. We will give you a hand.
It is a very important day for you and you deserve everything to be perfect.
Just tell us what you like and we will create the ideal celebration for you.

What we offer you:
֍ The first step is to request a date at the church
֍ The guest list
֍ Invitations
֍ The decoration
֍ The catering or restaurant
֍ Special corners, welcome, seating...
֍ Candy table
֍ The memories
֍ And if the little one has not been born yet, we prepare his "Baby shower"

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Parties Theme & More

Surprise your guests with a costume party, from the 80s, in white or whatever comes to mind. We organize your party at your home, the beach or your favorite restaurant.
Decoration, animation, music, tableware and furniture, catering... we take care of everything.
Relax and enjoy it!.

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Tell us what your idea is and we will design an event that fits your budget.
We are looking forward to offering you a unique and unforgettable memory.
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· If you already have something prepared but you don't know how to proceed.
· If you don't even know where to start.
· If you can't think of any original idea to surprise your guests...
...You can count on 7Q's for whatever you need.
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Company events

Do you want to organize a company event?. A presentation of brand, product or a convention? Do you need to motivate your employees to reinforce team work?. At 7Q's Events we take care of the entire process, organizing each of the details so that it becomes an original and personalized experience.Some image

We care about your needs and we love challenges. From small events to big events. We will make your event an unrepeatable success from start to finish, and for this reason we take care of comprehensive advice so that you and your guests, clients or suppliers only have to enjoy.
►Ask + informationSome imageCorporate or company events are an excellent business card for clients and the members of the company.
It is essential to be able to convey the values and objectives of the brand and the company's philosophy in them.
We offer you our personalized and global vision in events to create a unique and different concept, with the certainty that the entire event will turn out perfectly.


Organization of conferences for companies and corporations. We organize the entire event including the design of the invitation or call, catering, location, comprehensive decoration and much more.
We organize conferences for companies based on the idiosyncrasies of your company.


The business “Family Day” provides a unique experience as it is the recreational activity par excellence to obtain the best experience promoting values to balance work and family life with a day of leisure with colleagues and family.

Organizing a Family Day is an original and fun way to create bonds between your workers. A Family Day is an event fully adapted and personalized to meet the needs and objectives of your company.


· A "coffee break" is a short break taken during a meeting, conference, workshop, seminar, or any similar event, to allow participants to relax, socialize, and enjoy a cup of coffee or other drinks and snacks. It usually lasts from 10 to 20 minutes and is used to allow attendees to stretch their legs, take a break from the presentation, and recharge before returning to the main activity. It can also be held at the end of the event to facilitate networking among participants.

· A "closing event cocktail" is a social gathering that takes place at the end of an event, such as a conference, exhibition, trade show, or any other similar type of event. Its purpose is to allow participants to relax and connect in a more informal setting after a day or several days of intense work.

Usually, the closing event cocktail is held at a location near the main event venue, such as a hotel, restaurant, or event hall. A variety of drinks and snacks are typically served, and there is often live music or entertainment for attendees to enjoy while socializing.

This type of event can be an opportunity for participants to get to know each other better, exchange ideas and contacts, and establish professional relationships that may be beneficial to their businesses or careers. Additionally, it can also be a way to thank participants for attending the event and strengthen the bonds between organizers and attendees.


One of the most innovative business events are the “Kick Offs”. With these launch events, the company's internal and external targets meet to plan new objectives.

In addition, it is possible to encourage creativity and motivation through techniques such as "Brain Storming" or "Lateral Thinking" with unconventional activities in which new ideas and expectations regarding the different topics exposed can be disclosed.


This is an event that will help your brand to publicize its most relevant characteristics and with them be able to impact your audience.

Do not hesitate to contact us!. If you want to organize a product presentation for your company, we will gladly advise you.


We help you carry out a Networking that allows you to create a network of contacts with professionals in the sector with the aim of building new relationships and connecting with other companies to merge interests for mutual benefit.

With these events you will be able to be present in the sector of your interest and thus obtain important allies for your business, in addition to being able to better understand the current market and also have the possibility of looking for new clients.


This is a highly demanded activity that offers a wide range of possibilities to organize an event, giving your employees and/or customers the opportunity to participate exclusively in product launches or re-launches. In this way, your guests will learn more about the brand, its products and will feel more integrated with the brand.

If you want to organize a product tasting, do not hesitate to contact 7Q's Events. Tell us your idea and leave it in our hands.


We maximize the notoriety of your brand during your exhibition. In addition, with our marketing and brand image services as communication professionals, we advise you on the design of the event with the ideal setting and decoration to highlight your products.

You can choose from a variety of locations in the province of Alicante to create the most appropriate environment for your product to have the desired notoriety, we even propose the creation of a Pop-Up Store to be able to sell your products if you wish.


We adapt the Gala dinner to the needs and objectives of your company in a totally personalized way. We will give a special and unique touch to your dinner to make it unforgettable for your guests.

In 7Q's Events we take care of all the aspects that are part of a Gala dinner such as invitations, location, menu, decoration, music and more. Organizing a Gala dinner is the best way to create ties between your workers.


If you want to organize an awards ceremony for your company, in 7Q’s Events we listen to you, advise you and take care of organizing your awards ceremony in detail.

If you wish, we will hire the best presenters to make your event a complete success with experienced professionals, who will handle the event with fluidity, dynamism and naturalness. Just contact us and we will advise you to ensure the success of your event.


This is an excellent option for the anniversary of your company, an important date, the launch of a new product or a meeting with clients, thus strengthening the ties between clients, partners or workers.

In 7Q's Events we offer the hiring of personnel, logistics, audiovisuals, space management, boat parties, catering, hiring of artists, hiring of celebrities, decoration and much more. If you have an idea, tell us about it and we will design the party for you or if you prefer, leave it in our hands and we will propose original and unique ideas.


Celebrate your company anniversary in a big way. We will design all the details so that this event is a complete success.

These events are ideal to strengthen labor relations between your employees, also to thank them for their commitment and effort, and have the opportunity to reward the work of all those who are part of the corporation, celebrating the team achievement of the entire organization. We are looking forward to creating a special event for your company!


If you want to organize a company dinner, do not hesitate to contact 7Q's Events. Tell us your idea and we will carry it out or we will propose new ideas that you will love. We take care of all the organization, selection of the premises that best suit the needs of your company, logistics, catering, staff and all the entertainment necessary to make your dinner a completely unforgettable event.

Corporate dinners are always the best time to carry out activities that increase ties between team members and departments in your company. The 7Q's Events team is waiting for you to let us know when to start.


Our 7Q's Events team is an expert in business inaugurations and other corporations and institutions. Trust us for the organization of original openings of stores and boutiques, art galleries, libraries, shopping centers, restaurants, exhibitions, businesses, or whatever comes to mind.

We take care of all the production of the event including logistics, personnel, entertainment, audiovisuals, communication, comprehensive decoration and the option of hiring celebrities to give your event notoriety and glamour.


If you want your company event to gain notoriety and glamour at your event with a VIP call: celebrity attendance at your event. The VIP call with famous people at the event organized by your company will give visibility to your event, your company, brand or product.

In addition, an improvement in the brand image is achieved thanks to the impact of inviting a famous person to the event. We will hire for you the famous person whose values are related to the event.

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