In 7Q´s we like the unique, the special, the unrepeatable, the "Decorations with a heart"
If you want to stand out from the rest and show your own style...
…in 7Q´s we will help you all the way.

1#Unique Details

Tell us what you like and we will create a special decoration just for you.

Your wedding, birthday, party or presentation. Any event will be unique and unrepeatable.


2#Decorations personalized

Do you want to redecorate your work space, your restaurant, your home or your garden?

Let us do it for you. Just worry about the important thing, enjoy your new environment.


3#Renovate spaces

We will rehabilitate that space that you have a special affection for, but it is already losing its charm due to the passage of time. We will restore its original beauty or, if you prefer, we will give it a more contemporary touch.


Unique details

If you want to celebrate a unique event, decoration is one of the main aspects to take into account

The decoration of the space where you will celebrate the event, a wedding, a birthday, a theme party, or whatever comes to mind...- is the detail that will make all the guests remember that day as something very special.

We will make a difference by creating a unique and personal environment.


We will create it all for you

Our team of professionals will create for you, from the details for the guests, the decoration of the dream space, flowers, general stationery (invitations, cards, menus, minutes...), ornamentation of the ceremony, furniture, table linens and tableware, the setting…

We have everything planned, tell us what you like.

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►These are some of our special details

Only special details

If you already have everything organized but you want to give a special touch to the private or professional event that you have prepared, we will do it for you, always adjusting to your needs and desires.

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►These are some of our special details

Sweet and salty treats

If you only need to decorate the "Sushi Station" with an Asian touch or the "Sweet Table" or “Candy table” with your favorite colors and details but you lack time or ideas, don't worry. We will take care of every little detail so that you only have to enjoy the result.

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Personalized Decoration

Tell us your idea and we will design it for you and make it a reality.
We will always base ourselves on your tastes giving our special touch, so that your new space is unique.


Events decoration

We carry out the integral decoration of any event, celebration or ceremony. Whether it is a wedding or the presentation of a new product to your clients, we will make it unforgettable and special.

Our goal is that you do not have to worry about anything, our team takes care of everything.

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flores preservadas

Decoration of spaces

If you've been wanting to give a change to your office, store, or salon...
...7Q´s is what you are looking for.

We will create a personal, welcoming and unique environment that will make you feel at ease.

Flowers, recycled objects, fabrics, paint, furniture, all of this will give your new "ideal" space the touch you were looking for.

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►These are some of our comprehensive decorations

flores preservadas

Christmas decoration 2021

We love Christmas and everything that these parties represent, colorful decorations, lights, gifts, illusion.

Christmas is a very special time of the year and deserves a very special decoration

We create our decorations with recycled materials, because we are also concerned about the environment

You will love what we do as we customize the decoration to your liking.

Our decorations are designed to be totally sustainable, we create trees with pallets, decorations with recycled wood or from sustainable crops.
We decorate the trees with preserved flowers and personalized details. The main advantage is that you can recycle it for future Christmases with minimal changes.

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Decorate with preserved flowers

What are preserved flowers?

The preserved flowers are 100% natural products, they are dehydrated flowers through certain chemical processes, which maintain their beauty and splendor for several years and do not require any type of maintenance. They are not dried flowers, since the process is very different. They are completely natural flowers that, after being cut, are subjected to a process in which the sap and the plant's own water are replaced by a preserving liquid that helps them maintain a natural and fresh appearance, ideal for decorating the house. or for a bridal bouquet.

Decorate with preserved flowers

Preserved flowers have become a fantastic option for bringing nature into your home, but without the hassle of maintaining them, like a houseplant, or with the downside that they will fade over time. end up withering, like fresh flowers. In fact, therein lies its great advantage and that is that, with a small investment (although they can be somewhat more expensive than fresh flowers), you will have a colourful, decorative element that will bring life and joy to your home without any further worries.


How long do preserved flowers last?

Preserved flowers are much more resistant than fresh flowers, since they do not depend on water to live. Away from water and sun they can last more than two years. After that time, in many cases, they do begin to lose their structure and initial color.
Preserved flowers and plants are very resistant and durable. With proper care you can enjoy its beauty for months or years. They do not need to be pruned or irrigated with water, you just have to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight. The only care they need is an occasional dusting, preferably with an air spray, a dryer or a soft cloth.

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Rehabilitation &·Restoration

~Furniture restoration

If, due to the passage of time and lack of maintenance, your garden furniture, chill-out, living room... have lost their original splendour, 7Q's has the solution.

If you want to give a change to the decoration of a space and give it a more current touch, 7Q's will offer you ideas that will surely fascinate you.

We will create the space of your dreams by setting it with the details that you like the most.
We have everything planned so you don't have to worry about anything.

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►These are some of our restorations and integral decorations

Finca Heretat Sicilia

~Rehabilitation of spaces

"Rehabilitate to live better"

The space in which we live or work exerts a great influence on our state of mind.

Colours, plants, furniture, everything that surrounds us should transmit serenity and positivity to face in a more optimistic way the day by day.

Tell us what you like, what makes you feel good and leave everything in our hands, we will transform any space into your ideal space.

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